We created a vehicle that subsidized a Global 100 client's investment by almost 100% in the U.S.A., fundamentally changing the client's planned strategies for its businesses.  We implemented the first several transactions requisite, delivering over $1 billion in reduced capital requirements and enabling investment in the U.S. to have ROI exceeding anywhere else worldwide. We trained the client's government relations staff in the process as part of our engagement.  Obviously, the change in capital requirements had strategic consequences including acquisitions and divesitures.

For a group of local governments, we created  a program that delivered significant new revenues to local communities without adding tax burden - while concurrently providing financial benefits (economic stimulus) to local busineses.  The program required no legislative action, as it was designed and implemented to work within the legal authority already available - but previously unknown and untapped by the communities.  The program is perpetual, and is generating significant benefits enabling the communities to break the generational poverty that has plagued them for over one hundred years.

Sometimes an engagement for an initially envisioned purpose expands dramatically at the request of the client.  In this instance, we were engaged at first to identify opportunities to reduce investment and operating costs and to then capture those opportunities.  We were completely successful, in short order reducing operating costs through negotiations by almost $100 million per year.  We then negotiated two new manufacturing plants - fully subsidized (building, land and equipment).  The client then asked us if our expertise extended to things technical (which it does), and subsequently expanded using us to optimize processes - increasing capacities at its plants by a factor of 3 without any capex.  During the course of our technical successes, the client then asked if we had expertise in product development and formulations - which we also have.  That resulted in market successes of new products as well as significant competitive advantage in product performance.


We are now launching a new initiative for our public sector clients that eliminates both the financial and political costs of bonds - yet provides access to future revenues in the present.  We anticipate from initial responses that this initiative will be a true "game-changer" for local governments and schools - without adding any tax burden.  Once again, we used our research and analytical skills to obviate the need for legislation - both accelerating the implementation of the initiative as well as assuring its success by insulating it from the sausage making of a state legislature.


Headquarters: Jackson Hole, Wyoming