Because our engagements vary with a client's needs, so do the teams that we assemble to serve a client's needs.  Our Founder remains not only active after decades of consulting, but is totally immersed in each of the engagements.



Paul Khanton founded Consulting Associates, LLC, in 2002 and remains active as the Founding Partner today.  His entire consulting career has been immersed in eliminating paradigms - whether financial, strategic or technical.  His true forte is enabling clients to realize the undreamt - enabling clients to embrace a new vision no longer hindered by barriers thought insurmountable.  He has vast, successful experience negotiating significant financial benefits for both private and public sector clients.  His skills and knowledge were forged throughout his adult life.  Mr. Khanton began his career as a manufacturing executive with Fortune 500 companies, rising to full general management P&L responsibility for a $ billion unit of a Fortune 100 company before he was 40 years old.  During the course of his career, he has functioned as both internal and external consultant to icons of international business, and has negotiated and delivered significant discretionary financial benefits to Honeywell, Frito-Lay, Sun-Chemical, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Wang, SmithKline Beecham, American Hospital Supply, the Dial Corporation, Nestle, Nabisco, Hunt-Wesson (ConAgra), Del Monte and others.  Additionally, he has served as an ad hoc advisor to various state and local governments, helping them secure unconventional funding as well as retain major employers.  He has always embraced a simple principle: terms of a negotiation must be fair for all parties.  As a result, non-adversarial negotiations steeped in research, raison d'état and raison d’être characterize the negotiations and have resulted in record benefits being secured by the company for its clients – some of which have been clients for over 20 years.  Mr. Khanton holds an MBA with Highest Distinction (summa cum laude) from Pepperdine University and a BA from Northwestern University.  A native of Chicago, he currently resides on a ranch outside Dallas and is a member of the Petroleum Club of Midland (Texas) and MENSA.  His donations are the principal funding source for several charities.




We work closely with the following to help them deliver outstanding results to their clients:



is a boutique consulting company founded in 1984 that has built its own success on its intellectual strength - which enables it to construct negotiations that are truly non-adversarial where all parties' interests are fully aligned.  Specializing in creating opportunities for both private and public sector clients,


has delivered more than $10 billion in benefits to its clients - with many benefits negotiated as renewable or revolving as well as long-term.



is a highly specialized consulting firm that for twenty years has been creating financial vehicles and then delivering new access to capital for predominantly public sector clients.


Headquarters: Jackson Hole, Wyoming